Saturday, May 21, 2011

.. cuz that's what le Boudoir means..(part II)

a quick picture before all our guests arrive on our last day of our event sale.
thank you once again for everyone who came out to support us...

Friday, May 20, 2011

.. cuz that's what le Boudoir means..

for those who are in Montreal, come and check out leBoudoir's Sale event from May 20,21 (1:00-7:00) 
you may call or text (514) 963-3281, (604) 729-3902 
Hope to see you!!

leBoudoir's may 20,21 (part II)

Carrrera sunglasses, $60

Zara sequin oversize clutch, $15

NEW* Elizabeth and James white blazer sz 2,  $180;  Miu Miu Sandals sz 37, $20 

*NEW Helmut Lang wrap cardigan szM, $110; Vintage Romper sz S, $20

*NEW Cole Haan woven Bag, $70; Urban Outfitters Bangles, $8

*NEW Donna Karan stingray leather sandals with wooden heel sz 38.5, $340

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

outfit of the other day

its been a few days since i last blog, i figured no need to waste a picture and not post it.. so yes this is my outfit from "the other day"..
i was so thrilled to have found my new Givenchy Purse on sale at Holt Renfrew
best part of it all i only paid 5% tax in Calgary.. no need to look down on Calgary so much now.. since they carry the best selection of all Designers....or maybe thats the reason to look down on them cause why would it still be available??
aside from preparing for leBoudoir's Montreal Weekend Sale i've been on a shopping crusade.. suffice to say it's been so overwhelming that i even dream of it, hitting all the Holt Renfrew across Canada and Last Call..

dress, H&M; purse, Givenchy; shoes, Dr.Martens; sunglasses, Dior Vintage; watch, Hermes; bracelet cuff, Tiffany

leBoudoir's may 20,21 sale weekend

 tank top, *New-Alexander Wang(35$); necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane (18$); bikini , American Eagle (15$)

dress, *New- Haute Hippie (95$)

All to be available at leBoudoir's May 20,21 sale weekend or online after... check our facebook events for details

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy momi's day part2

Alessandra Ambrosio

my best friend in Calgary and god-daughter Leilani

how could i have forgotten about Alessandra Ambrosio..? another favorite momi who of course i'm jealous to death of..
although i'm away from my own girls this mother's day however i got to spend it with my best friend and her newborn baby girl..
leaving Calgary tomorrow, next stop.. Montreal.. for leBoudoir's 2nd event.. hope everyone out there can come out to support us..
another perk of the visit east is my other best friend/partner (of leBoudoir)/celeb momi janet..

top, Vince; vest, Trouve; glasses, Dior Vintage; scarf cap, Holt Renfrew

happy momi's day

Gisele Bundchen

Natalia Vodianova

Nicole Richie

Jessica Alba

from my daughter Lea
Happy Momi's day to all the MOMIs

these are just a few of my favorite celeb momis

Friday, May 6, 2011

just right

from afternoon coffee in yaletown , to attend plenty's vip shopping event in kitsilano, to eating at tavola in downtown.. then ending the night off at fritz the popular late night poutine on grandville st.
all with my favorite gals.. sans one missing in the picture..

top, street vendor of Taipei; skirt, All Saints; sunglasses, Chanel; shoes, Dr. Martens

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a magnetic attraction

i've been to so many cities in the world but something about vancouver.. there are no words to articulate virtually how beautiful this city really is. 
today i spent the morning in lonsdale quay having a fantastic brunch.. my fav eggs benedict and double shot latte.. and just walking around.. buying fresh strawberries..

top, 3.1 Philip Lim; vest, Ann Demeulemeester; shorts, RVCA from Plenty; shoes, Dr.Martens

Monday, May 2, 2011

can't live without

The Clarisonic;
among all the great little gadgets this is definitely one i swear by..  my skin doesn't break out nor clog up like the way it use to especially traveling back and forth from canada and asia...

spring street chic

where was i? seattle that is..  about to head to nordstrom rack in downtown seattle to find great discounted deals

top, Club Monaco; shorts, American Apparel; hat, BCBG; purse, Balenciaga