Monday, October 25, 2010

It means "I bow to Shiva."

"Namah Shivaya" a beautiful phrase i finally made the effort to ask my yoga instructor the meaning to ...
 the supreme reality, the inner Self. It  is the name given to consciousness that dwells in all. Shiva is the name of your true identity- your self. 

After long stressful days, i force my lazy buttocks outa the house to rebalance, rejuvenate, revive my inner self...soul.....and energy..

 yoga and music is my key to sanity ...( ) be inspired by "Namah Shivaya"

Sunday, October 24, 2010

another year older = confidence ?!?

the fact that i'm reaching the end of my twenties, i'm beginning to freak out...
fine lines... saggy skin.. larger pores.. slowing rate of metabolism.. and etcetera as the list continues..

however the trade-off to this all... i've grown to be more and more comfortable with myself.. the confidence level only develops as we age.. SO yes.. today i am officially 28 years old.. MomiOfTwo

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my crazy theory somewhat proven

last week i went to Spa at the Madison in burnaby and tried something super duper cool.. the new slimming technique originated and scientifically proven from University of Westminster. A guaranteed wrap that will allow people of all size and shape to loose at least 6 inches in less than 2 hours.

it is the Universal Contour Wrap.. using bandages soaked in a mud formula wrapping the entire body from ankle to neck.... (which is sort of the same concept of my mummified legs, and mud bath in 1)... however this technique allows the body to tighten and tone while exfoliating and cleansing all together..

the specialist began from measuring almost every inch of my body then marking the areas where she measured so she can go back to the same spot after the treatment... to later calculate how many inches i will loose after the wrap .... no tricks... no kidding.. i lost 9 INCHES!!! i don't know how, or ....HOW?!?!.... but its very true...

something definitely very interesting to look into.. and the coolest part.. its guaranteed to stay off for at least 30 days if you following their suggested detox post treatment plan..

conclusion... after about a week.. i have noticed that although i don't watch my diet.. and i definitely don't workout except the occasional yoga my physique is maintaining the slenderness..

my next obsession..... the EUROWAVE.. my appointment is tomorrow afternoon.. stay tuned for the update... 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

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%100 hand stitched

Halloween is coming and my daughters asked to be Sailormoon this year.. an outfit that is extremely difficult to find to purchase.. so i decided to make it for them this year.. not aware of the "HOW" but.. i promised..minding you i have no sewing machine nor skill.. my sewing skill is pretty much from homeEc gr.8 ..
my sister and i stayed up all night and continued on this afternoon to complete everything and make the girls happy..

After about 10 hours and 3 bandAids...

Covering up

 Since giving birth to my girls I have been extremely sensitive to the cold..The Chinese have a tradition that after giving birth, the mother is suppose to have a postpartum ONE MONTH bed rest. Really allowing the body to fully recover from the trauma of pregnancy to delivery... the main idea is to not expose any part of the woman's body particularly the joints to any cold/water. As a Chinese born Canadian, i ofcourse object to this sort of theory, since it required me to completely vegetate for an entire month... trying to convince everyone Especially myself that those theories wouldn't apply to a westernER.. I assume that being raised in N.America, my body should be substantially healthier and stronger...  Typically since the living standards are more updated and comfortable in comparisons to my mother's generation. 

Come to think of it, seldom do you hear that Asians suffer from arthritis or migraines. Or why we have such reputation of maintaining our youthfulness... the answer is quite simple.. because of that full month recovery... we're not even suppose to hold the baby too much except when feeding otherwise it will cause future backaches or shoulder-aches. 
After my first baby, i refused to cooperate with the traditions. hence i now suffer from migraines if my head gets cold, or if i don't dry my hair immediately after a wash... 
on wet days or during the winter, i must wear hats to cover-up.. thankfully i love the fashion of  hats.. i've gotten to used to wearing hats regularly that without it, my outfit is incomplete.. 
Today it poured all day in Vancouver, so i got to wear my hat from my favorite consignment shop on Main St. Front.. leather jacket from Mackage, no-name jeans from Winners, and Dr.Martens (matte with plaid lining)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

passing on the goods No.2

I have modeled another outfit which i am ready to pass on to whom ever that would love it as much as me.
diesel striped denim style pants (size 28) $50, vintage Dolce & Gabbana wool 3/4 sleeve blazer $120, white floral designed t-shirt (no-name) $10.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Authentic Taylor

my recent trip to the east coast sans the girls gave me a chance to re-visit pre-momi me.....

getting so caught up with "doing" life i've faded away from my original, free-spirited, quirky, ambitious persona..

So..."thank you" to all my great friends in Montreal, i needed to get in touch and reclaim my true being...and remember to "live" life "The Taylor Style.."

                                                                    Montreal Club Tonic

                                                                in the streets of NYC

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

mummified legs

Call me crazy but.. here's a thought: ever worn a ring on your finger so long that it leaves a ring dent on your finger? .. how bout implementing that concept to your legs..
my experiment was based from this idea..
back in may of this year i was watching a vanity show where they were discussing methods to rid water retention in the legs by wrapping bandages around your legs while doing regular leg exercises.... however only keeping them on for max. 20mins

SO.. for those who knows me well knows I DO NOT workout.. (I'm too lazy! simple as that).. however, i often get asked how someone like me who has had two babies (gained about 70lbs during my first pregnancy and 25lbs on my 2nd) and NEVER workout, and eat whatever i want, can reach a slender physique...
one of my newest obsession is the mummified legs.. although i must admit this is truly one of my silly vanity insanity idea, but after almost 6 months i now swear by it...

my rational conclusion:
people commonly use soft, breathable bandages for injuries to help with minimizing the pain and stabilizing the injury.....
i first put on slimming socks from japan
then using the bandages starting from ankle i wrap the bandages all the way up to the thighs (using bandages with velcro instead of the pins... )
and continue regularly with my daily activities..
** most noticeable and hard to get area of improvement was the fat around the knees.. **
just a little something i'd like to share from my vanity insanity

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Something so simple but we tend to Forget OR... Neglect(?)....

We hardly take the time out to relax during the day nonetheless take a BATH..
Here are a few Advantages I'd like to highlight

✼ increase circulation ( speeds up our metabolism ** burn calories)
✼ sweat ( a form of detox** removes the toxins in our body)
✼ relaxation ( the key to youth/sanity **consider meditation)
✼ better skin ( from the detox** consider bath oils/mud baths: great for lazy I mean BUSY ppl)

taking these extra steps before heading out the door or crawling into bed at night is definitely a + for my vanity insanity. Especially for the momiS out there, this is a great bonding idea for you and your baby. Til today, my girls( Zoe 4.5 & Lea 3) would jump on the chance to take baths with me on any given day..