Sunday, October 10, 2010

Covering up

 Since giving birth to my girls I have been extremely sensitive to the cold..The Chinese have a tradition that after giving birth, the mother is suppose to have a postpartum ONE MONTH bed rest. Really allowing the body to fully recover from the trauma of pregnancy to delivery... the main idea is to not expose any part of the woman's body particularly the joints to any cold/water. As a Chinese born Canadian, i ofcourse object to this sort of theory, since it required me to completely vegetate for an entire month... trying to convince everyone Especially myself that those theories wouldn't apply to a westernER.. I assume that being raised in N.America, my body should be substantially healthier and stronger...  Typically since the living standards are more updated and comfortable in comparisons to my mother's generation. 

Come to think of it, seldom do you hear that Asians suffer from arthritis or migraines. Or why we have such reputation of maintaining our youthfulness... the answer is quite simple.. because of that full month recovery... we're not even suppose to hold the baby too much except when feeding otherwise it will cause future backaches or shoulder-aches. 
After my first baby, i refused to cooperate with the traditions. hence i now suffer from migraines if my head gets cold, or if i don't dry my hair immediately after a wash... 
on wet days or during the winter, i must wear hats to cover-up.. thankfully i love the fashion of  hats.. i've gotten to used to wearing hats regularly that without it, my outfit is incomplete.. 
Today it poured all day in Vancouver, so i got to wear my hat from my favorite consignment shop on Main St. Front.. leather jacket from Mackage, no-name jeans from Winners, and Dr.Martens (matte with plaid lining)

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