Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Something so simple but we tend to Forget OR... Neglect(?)....

We hardly take the time out to relax during the day nonetheless take a BATH..
Here are a few Advantages I'd like to highlight

✼ increase circulation ( speeds up our metabolism ** burn calories)
✼ sweat ( a form of detox** removes the toxins in our body)
✼ relaxation ( the key to youth/sanity **consider meditation)
✼ better skin ( from the detox** consider bath oils/mud baths: great for lazy I mean BUSY ppl)

taking these extra steps before heading out the door or crawling into bed at night is definitely a + for my vanity insanity. Especially for the momiS out there, this is a great bonding idea for you and your baby. Til today, my girls( Zoe 4.5 & Lea 3) would jump on the chance to take baths with me on any given day..

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