Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my crazy theory somewhat proven

last week i went to Spa at the Madison in burnaby and tried something super duper cool.. the new slimming technique originated and scientifically proven from University of Westminster. A guaranteed wrap that will allow people of all size and shape to loose at least 6 inches in less than 2 hours.

it is the Universal Contour Wrap.. using bandages soaked in a mud formula wrapping the entire body from ankle to neck.... (which is sort of the same concept of my mummified legs, and mud bath in 1)... however this technique allows the body to tighten and tone while exfoliating and cleansing all together..

the specialist began from measuring almost every inch of my body then marking the areas where she measured so she can go back to the same spot after the treatment... to later calculate how many inches i will loose after the wrap .... no tricks... no kidding.. i lost 9 INCHES!!! i don't know how, or ....HOW?!?!.... but its very true...

something definitely very interesting to look into.. and the coolest part.. its guaranteed to stay off for at least 30 days if you following their suggested detox post treatment plan..

conclusion... after about a week.. i have noticed that although i don't watch my diet.. and i definitely don't workout except the occasional yoga my physique is maintaining the slenderness..

my next obsession..... the EUROWAVE.. my appointment is tomorrow afternoon.. stay tuned for the update... 

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