Wednesday, October 6, 2010

mummified legs

Call me crazy but.. here's a thought: ever worn a ring on your finger so long that it leaves a ring dent on your finger? .. how bout implementing that concept to your legs..
my experiment was based from this idea..
back in may of this year i was watching a vanity show where they were discussing methods to rid water retention in the legs by wrapping bandages around your legs while doing regular leg exercises.... however only keeping them on for max. 20mins

SO.. for those who knows me well knows I DO NOT workout.. (I'm too lazy! simple as that).. however, i often get asked how someone like me who has had two babies (gained about 70lbs during my first pregnancy and 25lbs on my 2nd) and NEVER workout, and eat whatever i want, can reach a slender physique...
one of my newest obsession is the mummified legs.. although i must admit this is truly one of my silly vanity insanity idea, but after almost 6 months i now swear by it...

my rational conclusion:
people commonly use soft, breathable bandages for injuries to help with minimizing the pain and stabilizing the injury.....
i first put on slimming socks from japan
then using the bandages starting from ankle i wrap the bandages all the way up to the thighs (using bandages with velcro instead of the pins... )
and continue regularly with my daily activities..
** most noticeable and hard to get area of improvement was the fat around the knees.. **
just a little something i'd like to share from my vanity insanity

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