Wednesday, June 8, 2011

shopping dilemma

what to do when you can't decide?
taking a visit to my close friend's boutique left me in shopping crisis today.. of course aside from the fact the Roger Vivier patent nude flats barely fit my size 38 feet, it definitely made my decision making bit easier... in fact it makes me want them desperately more! i know like everything else in life.. always wanting the impossible.. well not too impossible, i'll have to just find it elsewhere..
for the time being, i'm taking home the super comfy United Nude sandals..
Love everything about this boutique.. drinking latte, enjoying a cigarette or two, trying on beautiful garments, listening to music, and adoring every piece of clothing. i couldn't resist not to show it off and take pictures..

dress, MiuMiu; shorts, Valention Red; t-shirt, Just Cavalli; black top, Zucca

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